The Happiness Crusade (work in progress) is about an Alien from outer space that sees the potential in humanity to become better and advance to a multi-planetary species. Unfortunately, one of the many things that prevent us from doing so is the lack of scientific facts that are being propagated throughout our societies and the willingness to accept new ideas. Drugs have been a long time issue, specifically in America, and the "War on drugs" and social dogma have led us to believe that all drugs are bad and evil. The reality of the situation is that there are so many drugs that are almost identical to those sold on the street, the only difference is that they're backed by large corporations and FDA approved. The goal of "The Happiness Crusade" is to go through the 3 different levels and learn about drugs and their effect from the Alien, and then answer a series of questions by the store clerk. The levels are a work in progress and there is currently no level that has an active quiz. The quizes will be in a true/false format and the player will answer them based on the information given by the Aien. If they answer correctly, they gain a point and move onto the next question. If they answer incorrectly, they gain no points and they move onto the next question. After a certain amount of points have been granted in that level, along with a better understanding of that drug, the player will have earned the ability to use that drug there and see the effects of the drug.
The developers do not claim to promote drug use or discourage the use of any drug, this is just a simulation meant to help inform the player of the general view of drugs and drug use, specifically in America.
Be safe and question everything :)

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